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O3plus Top Picks
Expert Home Care Regimen for Summer Oily Skin
Radiant Tonic Spray
 Concern - Reducing oxidation, Hydrating
 Skin Type - All Skin Type
 Benefits - Balances the pH of the skin
Pore Clean Up Serum
 Concern - Shrinking Pores
 Skin Type - Oily, Sensitive, Skin
 Benefits - Calms irritation.
Rs 830.00
Whitening Day Cream SPF 30
 Concern- Sun protection, Moisturising
 Skin Type - Oily, Dull Skin
 Benefits - Broad spectrum, SPF 30
Pore Clean Up Tonic
 Concern - Skin Repair Action
 Skin Type - Oily, Sensitive, Skin
 Benefits - Smoother Skin
Pore Clean Up Cleanser
 Concern - Natural exfoliation
 Skin Type - Oily, Sensitive, Skin
 Benefits -Energizing, refreshing action
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